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Chloe Berry

Say hello to your fellow friends in the lifestyle!

My team and I love creating books and printables for both people in the BDSM scene as well as for Littles and caregivers, as we have made our own experiences in both worlds.

I am Chloe Berry, who switched after years in BDSM to littlespace a few years ago and now am in a happy relationship with the most gorgeous daddy. I have worked in the book industry ever since I finished college and am happy to create my own little dirty books on the side. I love listening to Coldplay and Imagine Dragons, but the best things is of course when my Daddy reads a bedtime story for me. 😉 

I also started an Instagram page, where you can find more berries and of course our books and printables.

If you want any specific books, let us know in the guest book and we will try and create them for you!



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